"Facade" Live Video Out Now

“Facade”, a collaboration with Missy D, is the title track and third single off Hatim’s latest EP 

Instead of a traditional music video, Hatim & Missy D have opted to release a live recording. The live video for “Façade” was filmed at Vancouver’s Monarch studios as a filmed performance for Parisian artist Badara’s screening of his art film Transmission. The video is directed by Sabine Kahwaji.

“Façade” came into existence through Hatim’s tumultuous relationship with the word and what it represented. “I was in therapy a few years ago and the therapist kept interrupting me to tell me I had a “façade” up. My first reaction was to get angry and hate the word”. With time, however, this prompted more reflection for Hatim and an exploration of the walls he had put up between himself and those around him. “The more I dug in, the more I felt hypocritical as an artist for not letting people in, so I wanted to be vulnerable about how un-vulnerable I’d been”. As he started to put his feelings into song, he turned to his close friend Missy D to share this personal moment of reflection. Missy D is a bilingual English/French female Hip-Hop/Soul emcee born and raised around the Motherland, and based in Vancouver. She recently released her single “Rollin’” on April 16th. 

The live video is set in East Vancouver’s Monarch Studios and features some of Vancouver’s finest musicians. With a full live band and local vocalists Tissa Rahim and Cordelia Donovan as background singers, the live element gives the song a new, authentic life that brings you closer to the soul of the song. Add to that director Sabine’s eye for the camera and her ability to capture emotion, and you have a winning combination. 

The video is available on Hatim’s Youtube channel. “Facade” is available for streaming on all major online platforms.