Hatim is a Sudanese-Canadian singer and songwriter based in BC, Canada. With a background that takes him across continents, his sound is rooted in R&B with explorations into Funk, Neo-Soul, Pop and the music of his East African & Middle Eastern roots. He fuses vulnerable lyrics, lush soundscapes, solid grooves, intricate harmonies and his signature brand of vocal delivery over groove heavy, funk-inspired R&B production to create a uniquely distinctive sound that represents his journey through life. Most recently, he released his 7 song EP “Playing Hearts” which chronicles the ups and downs of the search for love over a musical landscape that incorporate elements of R&B, Pop, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Dance and East African rhythms. 

In addition to the thousands of streams on his recorded music, Hatim has garnered campus, community and commercial radio play across Canada, as well as critical acclaim for his work from outlets including CBC Music, Earmilk, WeWriteAboutMusic, Boulimique de Musique, Canadian Beats and The PR Press. He has also received major grant awards from Creative BC and F.A.C.T.O.R, as well as receiving the final prize for Music BC’s Canadian Songwriting Challenge 2021. 

Press Quotes

The best slinky grooves move stealthily from beat to hips, bypassing the brain and showing up in the body, unbidden and irresistible. In Hatim and Sadé Awele's beguiling new song, "If I Could," an old school Sudanese string sample vibes with vintage '90s hip-hop, creating the perfect backdrop of tension and warmth for a duet where our two narrators are in conversation with each other but not quite listening.” - Andrea Warner, CBC Music

CBC Music

The singer shares a tale of re-emerging love between him and an old flame but the doubts and trepidation creep up within him. The question asked is, will it be the same result or will it work out for the best? Well, you be the judge, for now, we can relax and enjoy the layered melodic runs and bright textures of the soothing production.” - Tayo Odutola, Earmilk


While we absolutely loved his EP Summer Fling, we’re going to keep the focus on one of the standouts of the record, “Feels”. Expertly produced and potentially the pinnacle of the record, it’s the song that has been the most memorable for us and we can’t wait for you all to give it a listen.” - We Write About Music

We Write About Music

Are You the One?' has an endless supply of groove radiating from the core. The heavy syncopated elements take us right back to the nostalgia of an era where funk ruled all. The up-beat, vibrance of this track has us feeling unmatched energy that only Hatim can provide listeners” - Buzz Music

Buzz Music

He has an enchanting sound, jazz and soul runs in an R&B landscape. His inflicting tone adds an emotional depth, a realization as his narration progresses. The climax is backed by a choir, unwavering power in his words. “For Me” is the identity we search for in times of trouble, always enduring and never insignificant.” - Chloe Hoy, Permanent Rain Press

Permanent Rain Press

The EP is inspired by a real-life relationship of Hatim’s and is upbeat, bright, and funky as hell. The fivesong EP is relatable, following the trials and tribulations one faces when beginning a relationship and accepting its ultimate demise.” - Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats

Canadian Beats

Over an exotic and cinematic backdrop, both singers detail the dynamics of hurt and love between two individuals..Both singers really deliver the goods with their emotion-laden and commanding vocal performances…a smooth fusion of North African, Arab, and Persian music with elements of pop and rock.” - Tayo Odutola, The Word is Bond

The Word is Bond

Playing Hearts EP

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