About Hatim

R&B | Soul | funk

Hatim is a Sudanese-Canadian singer and songwriter based in BC. With a background that takes him across continents, his sound is rooted in R&B with explorations into Funk, Neo-Soul, Pop and the music of his East African & Middle Eastern roots. Throughout his explorations of genres, one thing remains consistent - his love of the craft of singing. Growing up, Hatim trained primarily as a singer, listening to the all time greats like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan. After moving to Canada in 2012, he experimented with different ensembles in Jazz and A Cappella contexts and continued to explore his songwriting and production capabilities. Moving forward, he hopes to continue to fuse his musical influences and continue to offer authentic, genuine art.

Most recently, Hatim has released his 8 song EP "Facade - an exploration of vulnerability and the search for love. “I’m bearing a new layer of myself in this record. It may not be my happiest, but it is definitely my most authentic and I hope that people can connect with that. It felt important to represent the full spectrum of my humanity as a black man in today’s climate”