1. Love Songs

From the recording Facade


They always wanna know
Why I don't write more love songs
I'm too ashamed to say
It's 'cause I never felt that way
Thought I wasn't worthy
Who would ever wanna date me
But I'm feeling ready lately
To sing this song into my life

I've got a long song in my heart
I'm gonna need you to come 'round sing your part
Tell me you love me, and help me write this
Love Song (I wanna write love songs) x2
Our Song (Let's write our song)
Our Song (Our own love song)

I haven't found you yet
You're just an image in my head
Barely a fantasy
Recurring dream I can't unsee
And if you're scared and lurking
Know I'm done being uncertain
I'm letting down my guard
So come on through let's make a start


Art does imitate my life
And I get blocked everytime I write
A line of hope for gentler times
I can't pretend, won't sing a lie
I've got some shit to analyze
Before I sit and strategize
It's rooted deep inside my mind
So here's your pen, sit down let's write

Songs, love songs, our own love songs (repeat)