Hatim releases "Playing Hearts EP"

After a 2 year break since his last EP, Hatim releases his 7 song EP “Playing Hearts”. Featuring singles “If I Could (with Sadé Awele) and ”Deal", the EP travels through genres including R&B, Pop, North African, EDM and Neo-Soul…

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My Experience with Singdaptive

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a company called Singdaptive to try out their asynchronous, online, one-on-one vocal coaching platform. Between the name and the concept, I was immediately intrigued. Anyone who knows me knows how obsessive…

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New Release: Facade (Uwido Remix) feat. Missy D

Hatim released the remix to "Facade" on May 21, 2021. Uwido Sound has re-imagined the title track form Hatim's last EP "Facade" with a dynamic production that features influences of Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, R&B, and House music. Complimenting the production…

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"Facade" Live Video Out Now

“Facade”, a collaboration with Missy D, is the title track and third single off Hatim’s latest EP 

Instead of a traditional music video, Hatim & Missy D have opted to release a live recording. The live video for “Façade” was…

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"Breathe" Music Video Out Now

“Breathe” is the second single off Hatim’s latest EP “Façade” 

The music video for “Breathe” is a visual representation of everything the song represents – juxtaposition. It is a juxtaposition of cultures, of visual compositions, and of life philosophies. This…

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"Are You The One?" Music Video

“Are You The One?” is the lead single off Hatim's latest EP “Façade” The music video for “Are You The One?” is set in downtown Vancouver and represents the fun and playful energy of the song. This is Hatim’s first…

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"Facade" is Out 

My latest EP Facade is out now on all streaming platforms. This EP is a highly personal collection of 8 songs that weaves through themes of vulnerability, the search for love, and empowerment.

Façade came into existence through Hatim’s tumultuous…

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"Facade" Coming Out Dec 4

On Dec 4 2020, Hatim releases his latest EP “Façade”. This project is a deeply introspective collection of 8 tracks that weaves through themes of vulnerability, the search for love, and empowerment.   

Façade came into existence through Hatim’s tumultuous relationship…

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Demo Program Win!

Excited to announce that I've been awarded a grant under CreativeBC's demo program. The grant is for 2 recordings that I am currently working on to be released soon in 2020 - "For Me" and "Life Happens". Stay tuned for…

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