"Facade" is Out 

My latest EP Facade is out now on all streaming platforms. This EP is a highly personal collection of 8 songs that weaves through themes of vulnerability, the search for love, and empowerment.

Façade came into existence through Hatim’s tumultuous relationship with the word “Façade” and what it represented. “I was in therapy a few years ago and the therapist kept interrupting me to tell me I had a “façade” up. My first reaction was to get angry and hate the word”. With time, however, this prompted more reflection for Hatim and an exploration of the walls we put up between ourselves and the outside world and how we lose out on so many meaningful and authentic experiences as a result. This culminated in the title track with features Vancouver-based Hip-Hop artist Missy D. “I’m bearing a new layer of myself in this record. It may not be my happiest, but it is definitely my most authentic and I hope that people can connect with that. It felt important to represent the full spectrum of my humanity as a black man in today’s climate”


The EP is now available on all streaming platforms