"Breathe" Music Video Out Now

“Breathe” is the second single off Hatim’s latest EP “Façade” 

The music video for “Breathe” is a visual representation of everything the song represents – juxtaposition. It is a juxtaposition of cultures, of visual compositions, and of life philosophies. This music video is directed by Sabine Kahwaji.

The song is a personal reflection of Hatim’s questioning of his journey – is all of the hustle really worth it? “Am I working towards something meaningful and tangible or am I just running a marathon without a destination?” The song’s answer is to just take a step back and “Breathe”. The beat is inspired by the East African rhythms of Hatim’s native Sudan, the majority of the song is sung in the scale most used in Sudanese music, and the bridge sees a musical and lyrical shift – it is sung in Arabic in the Middle Eastern Hijaz scale (to reflect his upbringing in the UAE) over a beat reminiscent of the “mawwal” style of Middle Eastern singing. 

The music video mirrors the song with odes to the corporate culture Hatim is battling with in the song – references to glass and steel – as well as his own Sudanese culture through the use of various props and imagery. Perhaps the most poignant symbolism is Hatim’s ode to the Sudanese revolution of 2019. He recreates the imagery that came out of the revolution with a tableau of white and “revolution blue” as extras dressed in black support him in the background. The video ends with the 4 extras’ hands on his shoulder – a symbol of community and solidarity. 

The video is available on Hatim’s Youtube channel. “Breathe” and the EP “Façade” are available for streaming on all major online platforms.