1. Life Happens

From the recording Facade


Life Happens, as we watch
Eyes imagine, what we’ve lost
How could I’ve known, what times would bring
As the moonlight glows, your spirit sings
For times, for tears, for joy, for years, of love

All the fires that we stoked
Smoke flew higher than we’d hoped
The story told, repeats again
Our fabled hopes, no longer lend
To doubts, to dreams, to hopes, to scenes, of us

In a flash life happens, in a flash life ends
An uncharted passage, both loss and bliss
I think about regrets, all the words never said
Gotta live life prepared, 'cause we all get our share
Life happens when you least expect, so appreciate the time you get
'Cause I lost that time then I lost my mind now I'm back in line

Time passes, and winds blow
Dust settles, my heart knows
The choice it makes, will bring the piece
To the waves of sorrow, and calm the sees
We laugh, we mourn, we cry, survive, I know